A Second look at Life

     There is much more to life than there seems at first glance. Human life is a privileged opportunity to experience, with deep intimacy, the entire scope of creator and creation. This site is intended to assist anyone who wants to take better advantage this wonderful gift.

You and I

We are two clods of dirt, you and I,
appearing nearly as inert as rocks
with a secret.

We each embrace an eternal seed.
It has been softened by our tears of Joy and sorrow.
Now, it stirs and begins to sprout, root and branch.
​Drinking our muddy substance, it grows.
​Rooted beyond time, it consumes out limitations and prospers.
​In due season it bears fruit
​that ripens and yields to the touch.

And so,

we become

the radiant tree of life.
​In time our earthly identity is consumed,

used up
what remains is so grand, 

 no one will care.

No one will care.